Client references

Client references

Van den Bos | Corrugated Machinery

TopVertalers, a reliable partner for German translations

The owner tells us: “I was looking for a reliable translation partner, who was also comfortable with our technical language. In the past, I had seen some translation work that appeared as if it had been plucked straight from Google Translate. In contrast, I have found the technical translations from TopVertalers to be of truly top quality! I was also treated with respect and “hospitality”. At TopVertalers, they are approachable and easy to contact and the translations are provided incredibly fast . In short, I was pleasantly surprised and have since recommended TopVertalers to several of my business contacts”.

Saving a great deal of time and money

The biggest problem that Van Den Bos faces is not so much the translation of a certain project, but the time that goes into it. “You panic when you calculate what it is going to cost in terms of time for you to translate someting on your own. TopVertalers uses the newest technologies and saves both time and money by taking advantage of so-called “text repetitions”. In addition to that, TopVertalers creates a glossary of the terms and expressions used specifically by us. This has helped us a great deal and taken a big burden off our shoulders.


ClimaRad | decentralized ventilation

A glossary

ClimaRad explains: “As our endeavours entail specific technical solutions and the associated terminology, it is important that the specialised language not only be used correctly, but consistently. The creation of a glossary by TopVertalers is very useful for this. Maintaining a vocabulary list in this fashion ensures that our linguistic issues don’t have to become complex puzzles”.

The price of a translation from Dutch to French was excellent”.

“I highly recommend TopVertalers to everyone. They are easy to contact, client-friendly, and accurate. They deliver the work incredibly fast, even when it involves complicated technical translations. Taking all of this into account, I felt the price was excellent. The translation from Dutch to French was ‘top’ notch”, says the ClimaRad marketing employee.


Suwijn | Notary Office

There is no room for mistakes in a translation, but especially not when the translator is working on an important, sworn legal text. This requires extreme precision. For years, TopVertalers has provided sworn translations for many legal service providers, such as law offices, bailiffs, and notaries. Suwijn Notaries, located in Hengelo city centre in the province of Overijssel, shares their experiences in this field.

A notary public told us: “Sometimes, important documents must be translated into a language that I have never heard of before. We recently received a request for Afghani. However, TopVertalers let me know that there is actually no single national language in Afghanistan and that the translation probably involved the Dari or Pashto languages.
Well, that is quite a bit different than English or German”.

Correct legal translations by a specialised legal translator

The employee at the notary office is pleased with the specialised services from TopVertalers, the translation agency in Overijssel.
“You always guarantee correct, legal translations. Whether it involves a rather unusual language, like in the aforementioned case, or simply English, German, or French. I always receive a quick, friendly, and personal message in response and, if necessary, advice and recommendations as well. Furthermore, the translation in always received within the time frame we set. That is what I call client-friendly service and I would definitely recommend TopVertalers for legal translations. The people who work as legal translators at Top Vertalers deliver good work”.


Mesa Product International B.V. | innovative consumer products

Mesa Products International B.V. is an experienced international trading firm that brings a wide selection of household consumer items to the market. Due to the growth of the European export market, there is increased demand for translations of user manuals. “The proper, technical translation solutions provided by TopVertalers are always to our total satisfaction”, according to Mesa Products. “It is a pleasure to have our texts translated into German and French by TopVertalers”.

Getting the full value

“It goes without saying that we want the consumers in various European countries to be able to get the full value out of our products. This means that a correct, technical translation of the instruction manual is an absolute must”, says Mesa Products. “TopVertalers knows how to match the right people with the translation task at hand, which is great for us since we do not have a strong command of those languages. TopVertalers translations always deliver the right combination of native language skills and technical background. We can rest easy when we have TopVertalers translate our texts into French”.

High-speed results at a low price

A marketing employee explains: “We specifically chose TopVertalers, because of our past experience with another translation agency. In addition to the fact that their prices are lower, the speed at which they provide the translations is also important to us. Yet none of this comes at the expense of the translation quality! TopVertalers always responds to my emails within 15 minutes and I am always contacted in a very friendly manner, even when the assignment is short”.


Flynth | Advisers and accountants

A financial translation must be very precise; there is no room for mistakes. For years, TopVertalers has provided fitting translations for many financial service providers, such as accounting offices and financial advisers as well as various insurance agencies. The accounting organisation, Flynth, takes a look back at the great relationship it has had with TopVertalers for years

Experts who speak your language

It is no coincidence that Flynth and TopVertalers work together. They have the same motto, too: Experts who speak your language. Flynth employs 1600 experts who speak the financial language of a given region and who feel at home in the sector where their clients work. Not only do the experts at TopVertalers literally speak the requested foreign language, but the translations are also provided by a highly skilled translator educated and/or employed in the required business field. This combination of skills ensures a proper financial translation.

Field-specific terminology

The tax adviser at an office in Doetinchem explains to us: “We enjoy working with the experts at TopVertalers, because you always provide correct translations, which, for us, are primarily financial translations. Our office is close to the German border, so we know many entrepreneurs that do business with Germans. We do know a fair amount of German, but when it involves specific, fiscal language, we simply do not have the knowledge. The field-specific terminology of your translations certainly meets the demands of tax administration.


Stodt Toekomsttechniek | technical training centre

Quick response and rapid delivery

The PR coordinator/ executive secretary is openly enthusiastic about TopVertalers translations: “The ease with which I can make a request is outstanding. And I always receive a quick response. In fact, sometimes so quick that I’ve still not had time to process it internally, ha-ha. It’s not only the response that’s quick either, but also the delivery. We never have to wait longer than 2 to 3 days and it’s always within the agreed deadlines”.

The interpersonal factor is clearly as important for another STODT employee: “Your customer service is absolutely top notch! The communication is outstanding; not only with our relationship manager, but also the entire TopVertaler back office team. Which is why, when it comes to high-quality technical translations, I invariably recommend TopVertalers to our business associates”.


Noaberkracht Dinkelland Tubbergen | town hall

“I’m extremely enthusiastic about the services provided by TopVertalers”, says their communications expert. “Requesting a translation is extremely simple and I invariably receive an immediate response to my emails: in exceptionally friendly and straightforward language to boot. TopVertalers is a translation agency that can be relied upon to deliver quickly, and often far earlier than agreed. It’s nice to receive translations prior to the agreed deadline, as there’s often a great sense of urgency on our part. And I greatly appreciate the personal information additionally supplied”.

Mayor’s speech: Extremely well translated

“Our latest translation assignment was a speech that was due to be delivered by the mayor. As you can imagine, there’s no room for error in this type of text. But it was an exceptionally accomplished translation, in which even the terminology related to the Twente national sport of ‘curling’ was correctly expressed. I’m incredibly positive about TopVertalers and their personal approach. I find it an extremely customer friendly and professional translation agency; offering a service in the same vein as that genuine Twente hospitality. I’ll certainly be in touch for future assignments”, says an enthusiastic member of their Twente team.


Electromach | international technology company

A suitable native translator for each and every assignment

Stahl | Electromach: “We don’t always give translations the priority that they deserve”. Indeed, once a product has been developed and the user manual created, then that same manual must naturally be provided in the end user(s) own language. TopVertalers make this incredibly easy. In fact, one email is all that it takes for a suitable native translator with an appropriate technical background to be rapidly assigned to our project. Our technical terms are professionally translated and we enjoy working with a translation agency that consistently delivers custom-made solutions”.

Translations consistently delivered well before agreed deadlines

Technical translations often have to be completed to tight deadlines.
“We’re well aware that we frequently commission translation assignments rather late in the day. But thankfully that’s never been a problem, as TopVertalers always manage to deliver before the agreed deadline. Indeed, their customer-friendly service has us coming back time and time again. And, of course we’re only too happy to recommend TopVertalers to those looking for a translation agency that can deliver customised solutions”, say Electromach.


Cross Media Chiefs | marketing and communication professionals

Saves time and money, with quality guaranteed

“TopVertalers make it extraordinarily easy to commission assignments and I always receive an almost immediate response. I’m also extremely grateful for the comprehensive service that TopVertalers provide, including the creation of a tailor-made customer glossary that guarantees quality and simultaneously saves us time and money. This client glossary has proved an absolute godsend, particularly when it comes to specific wording“, says the communications specialist.

For one particular art assignment, it was important that the assigned translator was not only a native Russian speaker, but also that they benefited from an artistic education. For this rare combination (Dutch> Russian with an artistic background) TopVertalers sourced Ksenia, who counts several National Museums in both the Netherlands and Belgium among her regular clients. Cross Media Chiefs was therefore extremely pleased with the quality delivered: “That a later addition was not even billed, was certainly an unexpected bonus!”


SuperB | lithium iron phosphate batteries

Technical translator: quality well within deadline

“The quality of their technical translations greatly exceeded our expectations and we received the completed texts well before the agreed deadline. Their personal approach was extremely refreshing and both their service and speed of response is truly unique. It’s nice to know that we can depend on TopVertalers for future assignments. Indeed, we already have some new translations in the pipeline,” enthuses our SuperB contact person.


Lubberman Online Marketing | online marketing agency

“I found the way that TopVertalers interacts with their clients to be really wonderful. Each of my emails was answered right away. There was never an automatically generated email—always a personal response. Their approach to business is expressed in that personal contact, too. This is a client-friendly agency in both approach and after sales services. I was left with a good feeling about it that has stayed with me”, Miss Lubberman tells us, excitedly.

Recommended by a renowned notary office

Thanks to the wonderful experience, TopVertalers succeeded in building confidence with Lubberman Online Marketing:  “Since you were recommended to me by a business associate, I was spared an intensive, long-term internet search. Furthermore, the notary had plenty of fine things to say about you. I will definitely be recommending TopVertalers to my business associates, too.”


Carolien Omidi | author, journalist, columnist, foreign correspondent

Works for national TV and radio and the national newspapers Trouw and De Volkskrant.

“I had my historical novel The Miniature Mistress translated by TopVertalers and I am extremely pleased with the result. The employees at TopVertalers took a critical look at which translator was best suited for this project. Communication was always clear and pleasant. Concrete agreements were made in advance as well, so that you know exactly where things stand. The translation process itself ran quickly and smoothly. The translation was marvellous! I would recommend that everyone hire TopVertalers to translate a novel.”


Larex | qualified technical staff per sector

Larex’s marketing employees have many fine things to say about the translation work of TopVertalers: “Collaboration with the TopVertalers’ project manager ensures that the agreements are always clear and constructive. The lines of communication are short, responses are given quickly, the translations are always delivered within the time frame that has been agreed upon and, most importantly, our wishes are always heeded. Above all, we find it really wonderful that content-based recommendations are provided, so that our social media statements and newsletter content align linguistically as well”.

Peace at last

“Larex has many employees from Eastern Europe. The texts from the previous translation agency often led to internal discussions. We are done with that now.” According to a marketing employee of ours, the translations from the language experts at TopVertalers have led to fewer internal discussions and left things more peaceful. “We can now completely rely on proper completion and I can focus on my work. I recommend TopVertalers to everyone”, says the endearing marketing specialist.


Hofsteenge Wesseling Network Notaries

In a conversation with a prospective notary, she let us know how content she was with the way TopVertalers approached the work: “creating the assignment was made very easy for me and my emails were always met with quick and personal responses. Furthermore, the quality of the certified legal translation always fully met our high standards. Even if translations had to be delivered in a hurry, you maintained the same level of quality. I am happy that you took the stress off my shoulders”. Afterwards, she spoke about about her satisfaction with the customised advice that our translation experts regularly provided.

Excellent Personal Communication 

Although translation assignments are typically delivered via email, the Network Notary had much to say about the personal communication:  “You are all attentive and client-friendly. I find the personal communication really wonderful. That is something well executed at TopVertalers”. It was also agreed that the certified legal translation would be provided in person as postal mail was considered too risky. Having confidence in the fast, personal, and reliable completion of the notary translation assignments enables Hofsteenge & Wesseling to highly recommend TopVertalers to their colleagues, too.


Gefro Germany | food industry

TopVertalers has been working with some of the biggest names in the food industry (including Johma, Vivera) for decades and, thanks to the expert knowledge accumulated in the process, is able to deliver reliable tailor-made translations within this specialist niche.

“Our request was promptly processed and we were very pleased with the result. Particularly impressive was the translation of an important, but difficult play on words. The translator chose a witty Dutch term which blended in perfectly with the context and gave the text a touch that only a native speaker can achieve.

TopVertaler’s professionalism and friendly manner made working together a pleasure. We will use them again in the future and can recommend their services.”


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